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It was our first day in a foreign country. It was very exciting and at the same time i was very scared too. It is because we do not know the language of Croatia (Croatian). It was the major concern that we had. Particularly my mother was very conscious about that because she does not know any other language than our native language. However, I, my brother and father speak English therefore we thought we could manage. We first went to a restaurant to have breakfast. Then we started roaming around the city and surprisingly we noticed that most of the people walking in the streets were speaking in English.
We visited St Blaise’s church and spent some time there. Then we moved to Walls of Dubrovnik and it was astonishing to see such excellent historic architecture. We found a restaurant and had lunch. After that we moved to the seashore and found many ferry boats there. I was wondering why there are many such boats and also i could see that many people were hiring the boats and travelled into the sea. Then i enquired a person there and he told me about Lokrum which is a small island. We visited Lokrum by Scorpions and explored many historic buildings and gardens there. It was a fantastic experience. I could see the excitement that my mother had. Then we came back to our hotel at evening.
Next day we planned to visit Trogir so i enquired our hotel officials about the best way to reach the place. They told me about yacht charter and i thought it will be very interesting. So i took my family to Trogir in a yacht. We felt very excited to travel in a yacht because it was our first experience. We reached Trogir and visited all the important places there and enjoyed our day. Since it is a historic town, we could explore many historic places.
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